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Family of Companies, Brands and Business Partners

RivetKing®: The brand name under which Industrial Rivet sells its entire product line including specially trademarked products such as Stemlock®, Checkmate®, RivInox®, Rivex®, InLock®, ZipRiv®, ZipSho®, QuickRiveting System® and RiviBulb®.

RivetKing® Manufacturing: Industrial Rivet’s manufacturing operation produces solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, blind rivets, 2 piece structural rivets and various cold-formed fasteners on high-speed equipment, the majority of which are run in steel, stainless steel, copper and brass

Celus®: A recent acquisition that includes Celus Fasteners Manufacturing, Inc. and Techform Fasteners Manufacturing, Inc., providing domestic manufacturing of blind fastening and specialty cold-headed products.

RivetKing® Mill Division: Industrial Rivet’s global distribution arm that manages large deliveries being shipped directly to customers from its manufacturing facilities worldwide.

ESI® Machinery: A strategic partner of Industrial Rivet that designs and manufacturers automatic rivet setting machines and automated assembly systems, as well as systems for other fastener installation automation, allowing customers to take part in the development of a project end-to-end – from design of the automated machinery right through to the setting of the rivets in the finished product.

Solutions and Services

With a deep understanding of local and onsite management inventory (VMI), Industrial Rivet can add value to your supply chain. Unlike other OEMs that put the burden of inventory management on the distributor, we participate in your VMI programs by stocking and releasing products while also giving you the competitive advantage of higher purchase quantities. In addition to helping you with fastener design and technical assistance, Industrial Rivet also offers a wide range of packaging and kitting services.

Plus, our quality control measures go beyond the standard to include the coating on your fasteners with our salt spray testing. With this technology, we create an accelerated corrosive environment in a controlled chamber to accurately evaluate a part’s resistance to rust – providing you with detailed reports, as well as digital photos, lab reports and more. This added step gives you peace of mind knowing how your fastener will perform over time. Specifically, our comprehensive solutions and services include:

Inventory & Supply Chain Solutions Technical Support Services Business Services
Inventory & Supply Chain Solutions
Inventory & Supply Chain Solutions
Inventory & Supply Chain Solutions
Blanket & Release
Local/Onsite Managed Inventory    (VMI)
Just-in-Time Supply (JIT)
Min-Max Inventory
KAN-BAN Inventory
Consigned Inventory
Fastener Selection Assistance
Cost Saving Ideas &    Recommendations
Autocad® Fastener Design
Fastener/Assembly Problem
Fastener Re-engineering
Machined Prototyping
Fastener Consolidations
ASTM-B117 Salt Spray Testing
Hardware Kitting & Packaging
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Laser, Optical and Labor Sorting
SPC reporting
Laboratory Evaluation

"When my company encountered potential application problems, Industrial Rivet was able to demonstrate, through in house tensile testing and reporting, that their product was made from a material with more than adequate strength - up to 6 times the maximum expected load. Their support and assistance alleviated our design concerns and allowed us to proceed with the use of the product in our application."

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