Solid & Semitubular Rivet Tools

Handsets, Rivet Squeezers, Air Hammers, Rivet Machines

Quickriveting System

Rivets are provided on magazines called pods with up to 80 rivets on a pod. Pods are easily loaded into a lightweight 3lb riveting handle for installation of up to 1 rivet per second. Rivets are installed by the withdraw of a reusable mandrel and radially expanding the entire body of the rivet. Because the mandrel is completely withdrawn, there is no mandrel waste on the assembly floor. This is perfect for electronics applications. Additional added value features include increased output, reduced labor, minimual waste, improved ergonomics, cost savings, improved joint quality and performance, fine tuning and flexibility, and reliability and consistency.

Autofast® Riveting System

An automated rivet tool to feed traditional blind rivets.

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