Quick Riveting

The modern, faster, low finished cost successor to blind riveting. Quickrivets are permanent fasteners designed for blind or one sided riveting in medium and high volume applications. Rivets are aligned in a paper strip called a pod or magazine so that the rivets can be automatically fed into the quickriveter. The result? An increased output, lower assembly cost, and a labor saving permanent fastening solution.


Extensively used in sheet metal fabrication, ZipRiv offers a high clamp up to steel, brass, aluminum and plastic substrates. The ZipRiv can be identified by its bulge towards the tail of the rivet. It is offered in dome or countersunk head styles; steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless materials with zinc clear, zinc black and black anodized finishes.


Typically used in soft or brittle materials, ZipSho is designed for fastening applications that may be sensitive to clamping force and shock. ZipSho assembles materials such as acrylic, plastic, vinyl, rubber, wood, or brittle metals that can crack or break under extreme clamping pressure. An internally tapered hole causes controlled radial expansion of the tail which firmly fastens without adversely affecting the riveted substrates.

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