Blind Rivets


RIVETKING Backup Washers

Use back up washers when the hole size or the grip range is out of suggested specification. Also serves as an excellent bearing surface in thin sheet metal or plastics.

RIVETKING Checkmate Rivets

The RivetKing Checkmate is the only breakstem permanent fastener to have near flush and aesthetically appealing installation on both sides because it has a true head on both sides of the rivet. This rivet is offered in extended lengths and has one of the longest grip ranges available.

RIVETKING Closed End Rivets

Closed end rivets are used when a weather proof/leak proof seal is needed. Its completely closed end design prevents liquids, moisture, air, and other contaminants from entering the riveted hole and/or the rivet itself. The RIVETKING closed end rivet design guarantees the mandrel head is fully retained within the rivet.

RIVETKING High Strength Rivets - Rivinox and RiviBulb

The Rivinox and Rivibulb rivets provide for an aesthetic secondary rear flange at the back side of the application. Perfect for thin sheet metals or plastics where rivet pull through is of concern. The mandrel will break nearly flush with the head and contains a locked mandrel to prevent vibration.

RIVETKING Multigrip Blind Rivets

The benefit of a multigrip is that it offers a wider grip range than traditional blind rivets assisting the users in inventory reduction and part consolidation efforts.


RIVETKING/CELUS open end blind rivets are made from genuine fine-grade materials to insure consistent error free application from rivet to rivet. A special treatment applied to the rivet insures the mandrel will be encased by the rivet during application.

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Peel Rivets

RIVETKING Peel Rivets work great in plastic and soft materials with out of round holes. The rivet is scored by the mandrel and split into three parts. TS-16949 produced and when applicable on steel, trivalent zinc plated for ROHS and GMW3044 compliance.

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The RK-Q is self plugging and offers an interference fit between the knurled mandrel, the rivet body, and the hole diameter of the workpiece. Its self plugging properties insure that the mandrel is locked within the shear plane which results in superior shear and tensile strength. The RK-Q has a grooved, rattle resistant mandrel that breaks flush with the head in the ideal grip range.

RIVETKING All Aluminum Tri-Folding Rivets

Perfect for inconsistent grip ranges or oversized out-of-round holes that are typical in plastics, the RivetKing Trifix is designed to work like a moly-bolt in that it splits out into three legas at the backside. Its extended bearing surface spreads the load over a wider area to prevent pullout in plastics or other siilar soft or thin sheet materials. Bright polished and stocked in white, black and almond colors. We can match to Pantone, RAL or sample upon request.

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