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NORTHVALE, New Jersey – August 20, 2010
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PRODUCT FOCUS - Locker Rivet

The RivetKing® Multigrip Locker Rivet

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company, Inc., manufacturer of RivetKing® brand permanent fastening products; designs, develops and produces blind rivets that are application specific. Often times, a standard off-the-shelf product does not meet the need of the user, causing expensive design
changes, increased assembly time and higher defective rates. A RivetKing® engineered product can be customized to improve effi ciency, strength and performance to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

In 2009, Industrial Rivet developed a rivet specific to the locker industry. The locker industry has long been plagued by diffi culties in blind riveting due to poor quality from foreign suppliers as well as the pre-existing designs, hole sizes and assembly conditions of a staple product such as lockers. Finding a rivet that would work better in the application and more effi ciently for production has been a challenge for some leading manufacturers. These manufacturers relied on RivetKing’s experienced applications engineers to solve the problems.


A manufacturer of steel school lockers required a fastener to have multiple grip range capabilities for fastening sheet metal ranging from 16 gauge to 18 gauge in multiple applications. The punched holes were oversized for alignment which causes a standard rivet to fail — resulting in a potentially hazardous condition. The last challenge was to develop a low profile rivet head to so that the lockers could be stacked together at no more than¼ of an inch from each other.


Locker RivetRivetKing® Application Engineers developed and designed a special Aluminum multi-grip rivet with a low profile head and excellent clamp up force. The rivet was designed with grooves strategically placed on the body of the rivet to accommodate the wide grip range of the application. A custom confi gured mandrel head was added for better hole fi lling ability and a special break load for extra clamp up. The final requirement was for the application group to come up with a fl ange height of .050 and that was achieved. Coupled with the RivetKing® RK-8000M tool for ease of installation and operator ergonomics, this was an excellent solution for high speed installation.


  • Wide Grip Range
  • Excellent Hole Filing Ability
  • Increased Shear Strength
  • Added Clamp Force
  • Customized Flange Height
  • Reduced Blind Side Protrusion
  • Wide Blind Side Foot Print
  • High Break Failures are Eliminated
  • Single Stroke Application
  • Works in Oversized Holes

For more information regarding the features, benefits and cost savings related to the use of this fastener, please feel free to contact our applications engineering department at 1-800-BUY-RIVET x4120.

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