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Get Adobe ReaderIndustrial Rivet & Fastener Co. Continues Global Expansion
NORTHVALE, New Jersey – August 16, 2013
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Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. Continues Global Expansion

RivetKingT Offers Fully Operational Warehouses and Sales Offices Across Europe, Asia and North America

Contact: Joanne Sherman
Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company

Tina Kahl with RivetKing Germany Manager Bill Holler
(l to r) Tina Kahl with RivetKing Germany Manager
Bill Holler

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. is continuing to increase its global footprint with new warehouses in Asia, Europe and North America. The goal is to bring inventory closer to its customer base in order to shorten delivery times and facilitate a healthy supply chain for distributors and their customers.

Industrial Rivet has built its strong reputation for innovative blind riveting technology under the RivetKingT brand and offers customers a wide range of rivets, riveting delivery systems and fasteners. "Over the last several years we've opened warehouses in Germany, Canada and Mexico - in addition to our growing U.S. presence," explains Joanne Sherman, a third-generation owner of the company. "We're also increasing warehouses in Asia and we've found that by putting inventory and people in countries and regions where they weren't before - we are able to significantly help our distributors and their customers speed time to market."

Aside from getting product into the hands of customers faster, the strategically located warehouses can also help to reduce costs since shipments travel shorter distances. For example, RivetKing Germany, which is located in near Nuremburg, provides manufacturing and distribution services to businesses throughout central Europe. This simplifies shipping processes, especially for those located in the Eurozone.

With both new and existing sales and distribution facilities, RivetKing now has direct access to many markets around the world. Technical specialists, a well-trained sales staff and a warehouse in key strategic locations will enable RivetKing to supply global clients with a high level of customer service and a full array of blind rivets and rivet delivery systems.

The enhanced accessibility of products and exemplary customer service has brought positive feedback from customers. "What we're finding from distributors in particular is that they view RivetKing as much more a partner than supplier," says Ms. Sherman. "In fact a few distributors in Australia and the U.S. have actually incorporated our product into their own marketing efforts." This increased exposure combined with an improving economy has resulted in a lift in sales as RivetKing is deepens market penetration by establishing new relationships with businesses and distributors in each territory.

Establishing a global distribution model has long been a strategy for RivetKing. According to Ms. Sherman, "We're considering new markets all the time and will continue to analyze where our products are most needed so we can meet the needs of our customers faster." This is a differentiator for the company since many of competitors have only one or two large warehouses, and can only offer delivery times that are weeks out.

Founded in 1912, Industrial Rivet & Fastener Co. is a fourth-generation global manufacturer and distributor of innovative riveting systems and fasteners. This company serves many industries including: automotive, aerospace, construction, computer systems and many others. RivetKingT has a distribution network of 11 U.S. locations and ten international distribution centers.


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