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NORTHVALE, New Jersey – July 21, 2014
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The Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company Introduces Its Newest Trademark: Family is our Fastener™

Contact: Joanne Sherman
Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company

Northvale, NJ (July 21, 2014) — Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company, a global manufacturer, distributor and importer of quality rivets and fasteners, today unveiled its newly trademarked tagline - “Family is our FastenerT”.

Family Is Our Fastener
“Family is Our Fastener” is the new trademarked tagline for Industrial Rivet, reflecting over 100 years as a family-held global enterprise.

Taryn Goodman, great granddaughter of the company's founder Willie Goodman, says the new tagline came about almost by accident when she decided to make her Dad - Industrial Rivet's current President, Bill Goodman - a Father's Day gift. “I got an old shutter with the idea of painting something meaningful on it, and family is our fastener just came to me. When I was done, I realized that these words verbalized perfectly the feeling I have about the company and my family.”

That feeling, Ms. Goodman explains, is simple. “Industrial Rivet is in the business of fasteners, and a fastener is a piece of hardware that joins things together. We think of our family that way, as a strong unit that keeps this business together.”

According to Steve Sherman, Vice President and also one of Willie's great grandchildren, everyone agreed immediately that family is our fastener went well beyond the Goodman-Sherman clan. “We consider our employees, customers and business partners all to be a part of our family. We focus on long-term relationships, and many of these people have worked with us for well over 20 years.”

Mr. Sherman says the words also accurately describe what makes their company different in today's fast-paced business environment. “Because Industrial Rivet is family owned and operated, and because so many key players are part of our immediate or extended family, we can be pretty nimble. It's easy for us to get around a table or get on the phone together and make decisions quickly in order to support our customers.”

The shutter Ms. Goodman made for her father now sits in the lobby of their corporate headquarters in Northvale, New Jersey. Her brother Mark, a customer service representative, joked that the tagline will make a great addition to the company's collection of Industrial Rivet t-shirts - each release of which has been highly sought after in the industry. “As soon as I saw it I thought, Wow! Family is our Fastener. That just says it all.”

In addition to Bill, Taryn and Mark Goodman, and Steve Sherman, other family members currently involved in the business include Joanne Goodman Sherman, Secretary/Treasurer, Allen Goodman, Accounts Receivable, and Eva Goodman, Administrative Assistant.

About Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company

Industrial Rivet & Fastener Company is a global distributor, manufacturer and importer with 10 international locations, 11 U.S. distribution centers and nearly 65 employees. Specifically, the company holds one of the industry's largest inventories of off-the-shelf products ranging from standard to highly specialized rivets, available in any head style, length, material and finish. In addition, Industrial Rivet's manufacturing capability enables them to design, engineer and engineer both custom and ready-made products. The company also offers a wide range of proprietary riveting products, as well as sophisticated automated rivet tools and rivet delivery systems.

Founded in 1912, Industrial Rivet remains family owned and operated and gives its clients access to both products made exclusively in the U.S., as well as lower-cost alternatives imported from the company's international facilities.

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